Introducing 2.0

Well it has just been a few weeks since I have really started working on making my portfolio website great again. With this I am wanting to really focus on getting everything right and making it all work together. At the time of writing everything is good and up and running except the contact page. right now I am still using the old code for that page. I am working on a new one for that page and will release that as soon as it is ready. The blog page is also not using the same design as the main site however it is much closer now to the overall site design.

Now I am not sure if I am going to keep the blog on my website however at the moment it will be on the same site.

Now why the change? The main reason is that my old website was not responsive. It looked okay on a desktop or laptop computer however  on a tablet or phone it was not great. I tried using W3schools css to make a somewhat responsive site however that did not work. So I learned bootstrap and using the latest bootstrap 4.0.0 I have made my new site responsive.

Another thin  with this website is making it easy to go to my previous work by being able to click on image and it will take you to the example page.

Old Website:

joshua noyce1.5

New Website:



I hope you enjoy all of the new updates. I will continue to update you on my progress as a web developer and on the site.





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