What is Resumei?

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Today I updated my website to reflect that I am currently working on a new project. It is a platform called Resumei. It will be an alternative to LinkedIn that is tailored for creatives?

What do I mean that it is tailored for creatives? The biggest issue I have with LinkedIn is that every profile is visually the same as every other one. For most people this is fine and even better for them. They don’t want to have to worry about making it look right or even how it looks. However for those in the creative field it would be nice to have a platform for this. 

Most creatives have a portfolio website however it can be really hard to get your site noticed in the seas of millions of other websites. So the main reason for creating this is to help others find a voice. An employer can search LinkedIn and find candidates really easily. Resumei will be that for creatives.

Some of the challenges in this are the size and scope of the project. Creating a platform is a lot different than creating a simple website however I believe that I can create it and can get it work work well. Another issue is making it easy to design your own portfolio. I plan on supporting a completely custom design for those that can and what to and then have something along the lines of SquareSpace or Wix where the user as WYSIWIG.

Right now I am just in the design and concept phase and will update you as I go along. I may create a video series to go along with it but we will have to see. At the moment I am just exploring options and designs. I look forward to the road ahead.

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